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Arjun Agri is India’s Largest Grow Bags Manufacturers (Brand: 7 YEARS® Grow Bags) with rich experience in Home and Terrace Gardening. Our 2.5 lakh Satisfied Customers speak volumes about our quality. We manufacture these world class ‘7 YEARS®’ Grow Bags from fabric which is made from Pure Virgin Raw Material & is UV Inhibited, hence they last for 7-9 years. We focus on delivering durable, easy to handle & lightweight grow bags that are perfect for cultivating all types of plants in your Office, House, Balcony or Terrace Garden.

  • Made of Virgin Raw Material.
  • UV Resistant Properties
  • Strong, Non-Tearable, Non-Fading Fabric
  • Available in 9 Attractive Colours
  • More than 200+ different Sizes
  • Top Sealed with Rope inside for Better and Long-lasting Shape.
  • Grow bags fit for Growing Vertical Gardens
  • Make your Office and Workplace Lively
  • Easy to Move and No Worries of Breakage like Pots

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Different Varieties Of Growbags Available

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We are the Largest Manufacturers of High Quality GrowBags in India